Tuesday, September 02, 2008

JMCHS Orchestra

The orchestra for JMCHS is moderated and conducted by Mrs. Ramona Mayer. Every year the string chamber performs at the Judge Fall, Christmas and Spring concerts. Beyond that the chamber orchestra plays at other venues. "We provide a service to the community." Mrs. Mayer sometimes will get requests for performances at the last second. "I get calls all the time for groups for some event or other…we never know what will come up!"

The JM Orchestra has a concert on September 6th at 11:00A.M. at St. Francis Xavier. "The orchestra has five pieces planned for St. Francis-all pieces we did at the end of last year. Because of the time, we had to hit the ground running with familiar stuff."

Orchestra meets three times a week for an hour and Mrs. Mayer encourages students to consider signing up. "This is a zero hour class, meaning it meets before school. It is easy to join – your daily class schedule will not be affected."

"A good leader is not just someone who can play or sing well. It is someone who listens, sets good examples through conduct and shows caring and responsibility in the ensemble," Mrs. Mayer said, "In orchestra, I would say Nick Warner, Max Brennan and Maddie Rice are good leaders, but pretty much all the students are wonderful and do a great job." One of many things Mrs. Mayer is proud of is when orchestra, in 2007, made it to state for the first time in the history of Judge.

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