Thursday, September 04, 2008

Inside Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry has many events going on all year long with their new senior ministers. Campus Ministry is an organizer for the events involving all students of the red and gold community.
Although it sounds like a great club, it is actually a class for seniors only. It is too late to become a part of it this year, but all juniors can apply at the end of junior year for this class. It is located in Mrs. Garcia's room and includes many of Judge Memorial's seniors. Campus Ministry helps with many things, but because it is the beginning of the year, Campus Ministry hasn't done much yet. A current Campus Minister, Megan Bush, quotes, "We are proud of freshmen orientation day." There were many fun activities for all ministers and freshmen to enjoy even though the new year was close ahead.
Campus ministers will always be roaming the judge hallways to advocate for spiritual enlightenment. They are here to remind us to have faith through out our Catholic High School.

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