Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Student Council: Changing the Face of Our School

On any given Tuesday morning in room three twenty, you can always find the Judge Memorial student council, ready and prepared to change their school. "Our main purpose is to support the administration and increase the spirit of our students," says long time group moderator Ms. Elaine Peterson. And the student council has done just that. "We try to motivate, educate, and bring a voice to our students," says senior Mason Hickman.

Recently, this group has transformed the school with the approval of the Judge students. "This year, we were able to get the pep rally back, and have activities planned everyday for the week of homecoming," says student leader and senior Anthony Bell. But of course, the student council is rallied by the students, listening to their complaints and ideas. "If anyone wants to see a change, talk to the student council," says Ms. Peterson.

And the voices of students have really made a difference. Recently the student council has been very busy with the new school year, hearing many complaints about the uniform and sleeves. "We're excited for the new year. We have ideas for a Rocktober, and are maybe even hoping to organize a judge arts festival," says Mason. Looks like the year ahead will be a great one, and Ms. Peterson strongly encourages students to get involved with student council. "In order to join, you have to run. Elections are in the spring for everyone except freshman, whose elections will be held next week," says Ms. Peterson.

To let your voice be heard, talk to your grades student council members and let your ideas make a difference. The Judge Memorial student council is here, and they are ready for a new and exciting school year.

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