Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Bulldogs Swim to State

The Bulldog 08-09 swim season begins on Tuesday, September 23, 2008 at Granite high school. Several swimmers will be returning along with Coach Matt Finnigan (who was unavailable for comment) in addition to those returning there will be a number of incoming freshmen.
Among those returning is Junior Will Voytovich. According to Will the main differences this year are a) there are more upperclassmen and b) the captain for the past two years left. When asked who the team will need to depend upon in order to win Will replied, "Mostly the freshman swimming well."

Returning sophomore Serena Karwande agreed with that statement added, "In the end it's everybody." When asked how she felt the team would do this year she yelled, "Dominate!" After her response she was asked why she thought felt that way she replied, "We will improve because we know what losing feels like." Serena also thought that coming back as the underdogs would help because they have nowhere else to go but up. Serena thought that this year a big difference is that more people will be on the team and that everyone will have to work harder.

If you want to join the swim team they need swimmers, "Definitely the boys," according to Will. They want to win Judge's fourth State swimming championship in seven years and to accomplish this they need swimmers! See Coach Finnigan in the Advancement Office to join.

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