Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Repeat?...Or Bust!

State Champs last year. Can it happen again this year? They sure think so!

There are some teams who win state one year, but can't come through the next. The Judge soccer team is hoping to do just the opposite of that this season.

Last year the Judge soccer program won the State Championship with a whole lot of motive. "We are known for how much heart we put on the field, but we had a lot of games last year where people expected us to lose, but we had so much desire and effort that we came out winning," says Judge captain Maddy Cartwright.

As all would assume, Judge now has a big target on their back. Maddy says that it will just give them confidence and the knowledge that they can beat every team out there.

I asked Maddy the strengths of the team. "We have a lot of skill and good players in every position," she says. I then asked her the weaknesses. "So far I've seen less desire and heart than past Judge teams, but I think that it's any easy thing to fix in a team, and once we get that then we can beat anybody."

Ask anyone or any team and they will likely tell you that Judge soccer is a force to be reckoned with and that they have good skills in every position. It seems as if the Judge soccer team has a great chance to be a State Champ contender!

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