Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Speech and Debate Is a Great Way To Excel

Speech and Debate is nothing new at Judge. The past and present teams have done very well and are most likely to continue their legacy. Debate and Speech helps students to overcome fears of public speaking and meeting new students at what seems like an enormous school. It also works well with other extra curricular activities because it can also be taken as an elective during 6th period.

If you have not already heard the hype about Speech and debate, it is a club that meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and during 6th period. At meetings Students practice for upcoming tournaments and practice speeches. Once the season begins, they have games against other school teams. The upcoming season of Speech and Debate is soon approaching and the team is preparing and trying to get more students to join. Their plan of action is the next few weeks the team is holding "Speech Arts" where all students are welcome to participate.

The Debate and Speech team has accomplished so much and is appealing to all students at Judge Memorial High School. The team's coach, Ms. McDonald, has said "Speech and Debate has many great students in it who are willing to take risks such as joining in an improv game, or speaking in front of a class of twenty about toothpicks." The team consists of students from all grades and cliques but they all have one common ground, a love for Speech and Debate.

If you are interested in joining the remarkable Speech and Debate team at Judge Memorial High School, you are welcome to join in any meeting held in room 408 and are sure to have an enjoyable time.

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